Return Of The King

Return Of The King

There was trouble in paradise as the new week dawned. A promising start in Asia metamorphosed into a rout in Chinese shares and weakness across the region as the specter of rising yields continued to weigh on investor psychology. 10-year US yields hit 1.60% and the dollar was poised for a fourth day of gains. The onshore yuan erased its 2021 gains against the greenback. The narrative was all too easy to latch onto Monday. Good news -- whether the imminent passage of Joe Biden's stimulus pla
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2 thoughts on “Return Of The King

  1. Closer to home, check out the MXP over the last week.

    Higher USD may well damage our industrial side, which has been carrying the baton for us. Now higher mortgage rates may stifle housing. Will travel to Disneyworld offset all of that?

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