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Patchwork News

When it comes to being "committed" to New York City, JPMorgan is "planning for the next 50 years." That's according to a spokesman who emailed Bloomberg Tuesday. So, when you hear that the bank is "marketing big blocks of office space in Manhattan," just know it's nothing personal. It's not anything against the city. It's just that... well, you know the story. The last 12 months have changed the corporate calculus. While most executives continue to insist that work-from-home arrangements can't
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    1. A key takeaway from the ERCOT debacle and deaths due to lack of electricity is that Texas is not a model for the rest of the nation to follow. Texas is right up there with Florida, and California, in this regard.

      There used to be a time when the federal nature of our system was a strength, i.e., many different opportunities for ideas to be tried. For example, being able to turn right at a stop light after coming to a complete stop. One of the three above states initiated this, and other states followed, some begrudgingly, to the point where all 50 states eventually adopted this. Now, we take it for granted that it’s the right thing to do and we all benefit.

      At one time, state health care systems for the needy and indigent were seen as laboratories, as models, for what might work elsewhere, and possibly be adopted by other states, or by the Feds. There was a time when, for example, Oregon, and Arizona (yes, Arizona), had model systems for funding and providing care to the medically needy and medically indigent.

      The idea of using this strength of our system was tossed aside. Now, it’s not nurtured. No one talks about it (probably because they are ignorant of the idea). Now, instead of evolving to better serve citizens, adopting winning ideas that worked in other states, we’ve adopted polarity. I wouldn’t put it past a state such as Texas to purposefully avoid adopting a sound practice from another state, e.g., California, just because the idea came from California.

      We are so dumb. We’ve mostly jettisoned the best system of governance invented over a 4,000-year period for what we have now and what we are evolving into. Obviously, gerrymandering, the exercise of the elites’ First Amendment right of free speech (to contribute as much money as they like to political ends), and the purposeful encouragement of discord and division, will only yield a better system than the one we let go of.

  1. I will believe it when it actually happens in May – most states are doing a subpar job of distributing vaccines.
    Why distribution channels were not set up at Walgreens/CVS well in advance, I do not know.

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