‘Are We In A Stock Market Bubble?’ Ray Dalio Answers

‘Are We In A Stock Market Bubble?’ Ray Dalio Answers

Are we in a stock market bubble? Asking for Ray Dalio. At this juncture, I'm not convinced there's much utility in going back over the myriad arguments in favor of the notion that equities (in the US, globally, or both) are near some kind of "tipping point," just waiting for a shove over the proverbial cliff. This debate has raged for months, and regular readers are well apprised that I'm not particularly enamored with belabored attempts to find new superlatives or otherwise wear out the thesa
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2 thoughts on “‘Are We In A Stock Market Bubble?’ Ray Dalio Answers

  1. Yes, it is always quite amazing how all the focus is on american stocks while there is a whole universe out there with other stocks of which some are actually quite cheap, especially when you look outside the stocks that are part of a popular index.

  2. Yes too much focus on bubbles. What about just thinking about something being overpriced. Maybe large cap US growth, small cap exciting new companies, spacs, bitcoin… these assets probably underperform over the next few years. But are energy, commodity or real estate stocks overpriced? Probably not.

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