Imagined Entities

Imagined Entities

"It’s chaos. It’s crazy," a gas and power trader told Bloomberg, describing wild price moves and generalized disarray in the wake of a deep-freeze that left millions of Americans fumbling around in the dark for mittens and matches. Texas spot power prices hit the $9,000 cap for a fourth straight day. Governor Greg Abbott chided the Electric Reliability Council of Texas as "anything but reliable over the past 48 hours," and called for emergency investigatory reform. By Tuesday evening, the
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10 thoughts on “Imagined Entities

  1. Here’s another absurdity; a fair number of people continue to elect climate deniers as their homes burn, flood and freeze. These elected officials then do their darnedest to insure that their climate denying constituents continue to experience climate change destroying their lives. I can’t think about this too much or smoke starts coming out of my ears.

  2. So, another stone in the collapsing archway of American exceptionalism has been exposed as being in a state of decay. This time, the vaunted Texas Interconnection.

    What’s next, a strike on Taiwan? $TNX at 2%? A VIX accident?

    1. The “Texas Interconnection” …. is that the term for the fact that the Texas power grid is or was unconnected from the rest of the country?

      But, the aforementioned climate change deniers will be delighted to point out just how much power in Texas is generated by “unreliable” wind turbines rather than from nice, safe, and reliable clean coal!

  3. Texas could care less about Covid killing 500,000 (and more) people in the U.S. But, damn, take away the electricity for a few hours or a day, and that gets the fingers pointing. Maybe they will outlaw wind turbines and anything else with a “green” moniker in order to solve the problem.

  4. The ultimate irony is that the wind turbines seem to work just as expected in this environment, still generating reasonable amounts of electricity. What’s literally frozen are gas & coal (yes, beautiful clean coal) powered plants.
    Plus, the wind turbines (you know Derek, the ones that give you cancer ;-)) might perform even better had the state of Texas not declined to winterize them. Because, you know, reasons.
    Seeing the Texas Gov. go on TV to claim the Green New Deal, which is not even law, is to blame, is, frankly, revolting

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