What Markets Want (Last Train To Tuckahoe)

What Markets Want (Last Train To Tuckahoe)

Retail sales will be the marquee data point in the US this week. It would be an understatement to say there's concern in some corners about the US consumer. The January jobs report suggested the services sector remains mired in a recessionary malaise, even as ADP and PMIs send conflicting signals. The self-referential nature of the US economy (the whole thing depends heavily on services sector employees consuming services when they're not providing them), means a prolonged period of curtailed
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9 thoughts on “What Markets Want (Last Train To Tuckahoe)

      1. Do you think that might be a side effect of cynicism? Speaking for myself alone, I kinda try hard to compensate for it and for the knowledge that most everything fails.

        That might be true but you still want to be invested in (broadly construed) tech… 🙂

          1. Fair point re. weighting.

            For the rest, I’m trying to hang on and convince my father to do the same. Progress is moving fast these days. Just a decade from now, we may have some very powerful treatments.

            Via work, we’ve invested in a company that is looking to vaccinate against Alzheimer, Parkinson and migraine. And if that sounds weird, it is but they’re figuring out a way for your antibody to recognize whatever causes those diseases and get your antibody to act against it (hence the term ‘vaccine’).

            I won’t pretend I understood the science. I don’t know if it’ll work… but the future’s looking blindingly bright in hard sciences/tech.

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