‘Stop Messing Around And Give People Their Money’

‘Stop Messing Around And Give People Their Money’

On the eve of the first jobs report since Joe Biden assumed the presidency, US equities stormed ahead, rising a fourth session as last week's tumult seemed a distant memory. As the S&P gunned for another record, GameStop plunged -- again. Early last Thursday, at the height of the mania, GameStop briefly became the largest company in the Russell 2000. Fast forward just one week, and the stock had fallen from dizzying heights above $480 to below $60. The shares were down more than 80% on the
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One thought on “‘Stop Messing Around And Give People Their Money’

  1. The last five minutes of trading across the three indices look like a veritable buying orgy.

    No way I’d get out soon enough for when the next 6% down day hits. On those days, I wake up, check the market and know my “tight, trailing stop loss” (as the pros call them) is actually a 6% hit. Retail schmucks like me don’t stand a chance with our piddly little stop losses when those days happen.

    I was re-watching a Grantham interview from January. He was asked about whether or not someone would be better off going to cash right now….

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