Lingering Roadblocks

Lingering Roadblocks

Lip service to bipartisanship aside, the White House is not enamored with the notion of watering down Joe Biden's stimulus plan. While words like "cordial" and "productive" were bandied about Tuesday to describe exchanges between the administration and Senate Republicans, Jen Psaki made it clear that the president has "bottom lines" for stimulus talks. The GOP may be keen on "targeted" relief, but according to Psaki, Biden's "target" is still $1.9 trillion. So, no, there wasn't any actual move
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6 thoughts on “Lingering Roadblocks

  1. If we can afford to pay Marjorie Taylor Green $174,000 a year to spew wild-ass conspiracy theeories as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, we certainly can afford to pay Jane and John Doe $15/hr to stand on their feet all day and do the kind of work Joe Manchin would never deign to do.

    1. Schools are the largest employer in rural Maine (Trump country) so probably above the minimum wage already for many jobs. Followed by other government and work in the steadily-shrinking rural healthcare sector. (Shrinking because of past cuts to Medicaid by a GOP Gov & reps.)

      So the minimum wage carrot is not as powerful a lure to these “we hate big government” patriots.

    2. My folks and many of my relatives have lived in Maine — on the coast, mind you — for many years. If you travel there take a look at the state 20 miles inland. Looks more like the backwoods of the deep south than a prosperous tourist state. I guess they like to keep their neighbors poor.

  2. and when Obama came into office in 2008 both Maine’s senators were Republicans Snowe and Collins so I suppose Angus King as independent who caucuses with Dems is some progress…

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