‘It’s Not Clear What He May Do’: America Ponders Perilous Final Days Of Trump Presidency

‘It’s Not Clear What He May Do’: America Ponders Perilous Final Days Of Trump Presidency

All eyes will be on Washington this week as Nancy Pelosi ponders the risk-reward calculus of impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. A new article of impeachment, drafted by Ted Lieu and David Cicilline as Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol last week, charges Trump with "incitement of insurrection." It had 190 co-sponsors as of Saturday evening. There are myriad issues with impeaching Trump again. First, it risks mythologizing him further at a time when no one knows what he plans to
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19 thoughts on “‘It’s Not Clear What He May Do’: America Ponders Perilous Final Days Of Trump Presidency

  1. The problem with all this, is that the outrage is based on bald-faced lies that started with Trump’s very own ‘birther’ movement and has evolved into his ‘steal’ lie. In a civil society, there are limits to free speech. Inciting insurrection and advocating physical harm to individuals cross those limits. Private business has the right to refuse doing business with anyone…”no shirt, no shoes, no service”. The only way to stop the promulgation of these lies is to sue those that broadcast them. The $1.2B lawsuit against Powell is a start. There are many others that need to shut up or pay up. The truth is that Obama was born in Hawaii and this election was as secure as the one in 2016. Too many good people have been scammed and had their anger co-opted.

    1. 15% is a number that consistently comes up in psychological demographics i.e. alcoholism,depression or a few other demographics.
      A “base” of any kind can usually be whittled down to various components that make up a whole number. “Trump Base” being an example.

    2. I think part of the problem with polling and Trump all along is that there is part of the populace that is sympathetic to proTrump ideas but not willing to openly admit it, even to pollsters.

  2. Impeach him. Now. Let’s have a trial. Let the country hear and see Trump inciting violence and the March on the Capitol. Let’s hear what Trump flunky Christopher Miller (acting SecDef) and the cardre of flunkies installed at the Pentagon by Trump MONTHS ago did, or didn’t, to respond to calls for assistance. Let the country hear the names of the U.S. reps who enabled the insurrection by making maps of the Capitol available. Nunes, I mean, no one is above the law. Trump and others who egged on the mob must be held accountable.

    1. It’s difficult to imagine over-reacting to the event of Jan 6th. This was our warning, our test.

      I was just reading a Feb 26, 2017, article, “The Reichstag Warning,” by Timothy Snyder. Using Mr. Snyder’s euphemism, not from the article, but later, we have been living in a slow-motion Reichstag emergency.

      This is one of the pivotal events in American history. This is an existential moment in our history. There can hardly be an over reaction enough.

  3. I have said for decades the existence of a solid Third party would tend to fragment / isolate the powerful extremes in this political system.. The flaw of course is that we wind up with Coalition Governments to derive majority rule . The current situation borders on ungovernable !!

  4. You cannot appease madmen … Trump must be impeached… Country, Constitution, and Democracy above all.

    After impeachment the justice department must continue to investigate, unearth, and prosecute any and all treasonous transgressions committed by Trump, his family, his friends, and cronies.

    Hopefully Biden will become the real “Law and Order” President.

    1. If we just ignore this treasonous president, then he will continue as a cancer on the soul of America, and increase the probability of someone else doing it again in the future. We need to hit him with everything legally available, including making sure he is sued into poverty.

  5. Wouldn’t the impeachment proceedings just provide Trump with another platform to beat his chest? What if he’s not convicted? Wouldn’t that emboldened him and the lunatic fringe? Personal feelings aside, perhaps it’s better for our country to patiently wait for the myriad of post-presidential legal issues to consume Mr. Trump’s time, energy, and money.

  6. I would support impeachment only if Pelosi in coordination/consultation with the few rational GOP senators left, determine that there is a decent chance of conviction. A conviction that results in Trump’s inability to hold public office ever again is worth the multiple headaches and consequences of another impeachment, the ultimate goal has to be preventing Trump from ever returning to the White House, that is an existential risk for the nation.

    1. Age likely precludes another Trump journey toward a Presidency.. If in fact this assessment is incorrect and he were to be Elected we surely would have a huge problem because that would be hailed as Democracy in action… Moon of Alabama had an interesting post on the 8th about this matter .. I favor taking the warning signals seriously and quit posting support when this type activity happens in other countries would be advisable….

  7. I’ve gotten the sense from some otherwise serious, intelligent people, even in finance with significant reputations, that there is actually rather broad support for what happened. The number is far higher than 14%. They know better than to come out publicly and condone political violence, or to even admit it to pollsters, but their behavior and their speech is very revealing of their true feelings. Not an encouraging sign. I’ve been studying the Twittersphere closely, and scanning right-wing publication comment sections, and that is my intuition. I’ve also been reading international papers from all over the world, and they are uniformly disturbed. With some perspective, there really is no other way to see it.

  8. If anyone hasn’t already seen it, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video today really summed it all up for me. Very moving testament to the evil power of systematic lies and the resilience it takes to overcome them.

    Perhaps we should stop referring to the post-truth world so as to prevent this phrase from becoming commonplace and fostering resignation through familiarity. It needs to be resisted.

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