Brexit-ing: Movements, Verbs, And Canine Travel Arrangements

On Thursday, the EU and the UK confirmed that a post-Brexit trade deal has, in fact, been reached. The rumor was in the market on Wednesday. It took "just" four and a half years. Let's take a step back to reflect on what, at times, devolved into a Monty Python-esque odyssey of the absurd. Four and a half years ago, a narrow majority decided that Britain should leave the European Union. "Brexit" was presented as a "movement," but if a movement centers entirely around one overarching goal, ther

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3 thoughts on “Brexit-ing: Movements, Verbs, And Canine Travel Arrangements

  1. I was too polite to acknowledge it publically when I was there, but brexit to many is straight up xenophobia. Repeat with all the fears this brings on. Whilst it can be couched in seeing neighborhood kids speaking in native English accents, it is often blond haired or blue eyed munchkins speaking that is most desired. However some were quick to admit there is a lifestyle or standard of living price to pay for their neighborhood decorations,. They were willing to pay it as long as others pay for their defense.

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