The Biggest Worry For Everyday People Is No Obstacle For ‘Blissful’ Financial Markets

It's probably not a stretch to suggest that outside of some unforeseen mutation in COVID-19 or another left-field event, the biggest worry for the global recovery is that policymakers will fall back into the trap that undermined economies in the post-financial crisis era. If developed world politicians, in their infinite wisdom, fall victim to misguided rhetoric about the purported "necessity" of austerity following periods of big government spending, thereby putting the onus for sustaining the
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One thought on “The Biggest Worry For Everyday People Is No Obstacle For ‘Blissful’ Financial Markets

  1. Well said Heisenberg! Of course the other reason that it’s easy to blame central banks is because none of the mostly fanatical voters chose who is running those organizations. And obviously beyond blaming the other part because, they are enemies of the state, who else are you going to blame? The people you implicitly trust to safeguard you because of their past record on doing such things? Of course not!

    I say all of this facetiously because I’ve given up hope that the majority of Americans who tend to treat government like their favorite sports franchise will ever recognize that this foolish thinking is what perpetuates the nonsensical choices we make at election time.

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