Running Interference

Running Interference

The mood was somewhat sour Thursday ahead of the last US presidential debate. Reports that Iran and Russia managed to obtain voter registration information for US citizens undermined sentiment during the Asian session. The bad vibes lingered like stale cigarette smoke. It doesn't help that DNI John Ratcliffe -- who made the announcement late Wednesday -- has a rather large credibility deficit with the public, and especially with Democratic voters and lawmakers. Among other things, Ratcliffe is
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One thought on “Running Interference

  1. A reasonable expectation is that the algos will spasm again. The rationale is that they have the biases of their creator (not god) embedded within. The unforeseen political events that do (most don’t) effect markets, end of the debt supercycle, and any announcements such esteemed organization as the IMF regarding the new monetary system, are too complex to understand, much less model. I guess it’d be called fat tail risks. Stuff we haven’t or can’t imagine, and unknowable interactions. We’ll see how they do.

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