Risk assets were steady Wednesday as investors and traders attempt to make sense of what Deutsche Bank called a "bewildering array of headlines" from the first two days of the week. At this point, everyone is seemingly waiting on the next shoe to drop, whether it's some overtly negative development on the virus front or something unequivocally bullish around stimulus. Beijing said Wednesday that the number of confirmed cases in the city's outbreak is likely to grow "for a period of time" as he
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4 thoughts on “Bewildered.

  1. The biggest event to anticipate will be a competent therapy or vaccine for the virus. While the recent news on the steroid that reduces deaths is good. There is still a need for ICU beds to administer this therapy. It will take a therapy that can competently keep people out of ICU beds to quell the economic impacts from the pandemic.

    1. I agree. The overhypse on the use of the steriod was astounding. Yes, good news. But, to benefit you have to be in ICU already. Thankfully, it will save some lives. Hopefully, scientisits can discover something from it.

      7.5B people need a preventative treatment. The news was nothing to the public at large. No one is going to a movie, on a plane, or to visit grandma because of it. It does nohting for the real economy.

      But, it’s a damn good excuse to $SPX/$NDX/$INDU to the upside. This is all that matters.

      The damage this has caused was self inflicted.

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