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If Trump And Meat Executives Are So Worried About Shortages, Why Are They Shipping America’s Pork To China?

This raises uncomfortable questions going forward.

Last week, while documenting rising tensions between Washington and Beijing, I noted that China is making some effort to demonstrate that coronavirus recrimination notwithstanding, the "phase one" trade deal between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping isn't totally dead. China recently bought a half-dozen cargoes of soybeans, for example. They also bought lots of corn and ordered some 40,200 metric tons of American meat, the largest such order in seven months, according to the USDA. One potential issue with China's purchases of US meat is that, currently, the headlines stateside are full of scary-sounding predictions about shortages of beef and pork. Some of those headlines include quotes from executives at large meat companies, including Smithfield Foods CEO Ken Sullivan who, early last month, framed the situation as life or death. "We have a stark choice as a nation: we are either going to produce food or not, even in the face of COVID-19", he wrote, in a response to calls for the company to temporarily shutter a key pork processing plant in Sioux Falls after an outbreak. As I dryly pointed out at the time, Smithfield is owned by a Chinese conglomerate. The Virginia-based pork produc
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4 comments on “If Trump And Meat Executives Are So Worried About Shortages, Why Are They Shipping America’s Pork To China?

  1. Anonymous

    Smithfield is a Chinese owned company and that could be the reason why?

  2. Well that would suggest that the United States is some sort of nation and that the government exists to serve its citizens… I was under the oppression that this was an oligopoly and everything exists to make rich people money. It’s all well and good to pretend to care about the food supply of the average american but as with the coronavirus death impact, we all know the burden will fall mainly on the poor and minorities… so why should the government ultimately care? I mean that is actually why the police departments are loaded up with military grade armored vehicles right?

  3. My problem with the trade bill was that a simple glance at USDA numbers show that at its best China was a 30 billion market and those years have passed. Last year Brazil and Indonesia were busy burning land to satisfy that market.
    When the trade war started Brazil was having a bad soy harvest.
    Farmers were also suffering from POTUS granting so many ethanol waivers. Started with Icahn in the very beginning of this administration.

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