Virus News Worsens, Analysts Ponder ‘Severe’ Scenarios For US Economy

Virus News Worsens, Analysts Ponder ‘Severe’ Scenarios For US Economy

As you can imagine, the coronavirus situation worsened materially over the weekend, although it's not clear what "materially" even means at this point. Total infections rose above 101,000 and deaths hit 3,400. In Italy, Nicola Zingaretti said he has the virus. He's the head of the Democratic Party. The country has the fourth-highest infection total in the world and, at the risk of speaking in absolutes, will almost surely fall into a technical recession this quarter. Output contracted sharply
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8 thoughts on “Virus News Worsens, Analysts Ponder ‘Severe’ Scenarios For US Economy

  1. “Officials in the US said a total of 312 cases have been documented. 17 people have died so far,”

    (17/312) * 100 = 5.4% mortality. Trump is out if this continues, but I’m still hoping that the genetic diversity (hybrid vigor or heterosis) present in the USA insulates us to an extent. Obviously people in the US intermarry from diverse and distant geographic regions.

    China is likely a much more genetically homogeneous population than the US. ( my crude analysis is that I really find it hard to distinguish between Chinese and Koreans, although Japanese ‘look’ different to my eyes). Since historically Chinese were rewarded for obedience and conformity, this likely spilled over into the selection of mates as well.

    Any Geneticists please chime in to this speculative, possibly half-assed analysis.

    1. You have heterosis on one side. On the other side you have a population plagued by obesity and various life-style related diseases, and one of (or the) most dysfunctional health system in the world.

      1. Yeah, Americans aren’t a healthy bunch as it is, although it’s not clear that the chronic health problems that are prevalent in the US are necessarily the type of issues that would make this situation worse. I mean, I don’t know that being overweight or having high blood pressure is going to make your situation bad with coronavirus. It probably doesn’t help, though. heh.

        1. It doesnt help, exactly. And coronavirus alone doesnt kill you, it kills you when combined with other factors (age, other medical conditions, other cause of faibleness). Obesity and high blood pressure are simply making you more vulnerable. That’s one of the reason US has a lower life expectacy than many european nations. Which perhaps is a positive (being a younger population): those dying in Italy because of coronavirus had an average age of 80years, and two third of them had some kind of medical condition.

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