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‘This Is Not As Radical As It Sounds’: Crucial Considerations At The Policy Crossroads

"The simplicity of this approach underscores an important point"...

"The simplicity of this approach underscores an important point"...
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8 comments on “‘This Is Not As Radical As It Sounds’: Crucial Considerations At The Policy Crossroads

  1. Another very good piece. Short version: Austrian economics is dead.

  2. Beware guys. If it is so easy why hasn’t it been done sooner? The only real way to build prosperity is via productivity (investment). Printing money and giving it out will lead to more investment? with rates at jistoric lows, spreads tight, and most equities richly valued do we reallt have a cost of capital issue? But it is because we don’t have demand and money printing will solve this. we each can have 2 phones, eat more, use more energy, buy more clothes, have 3 cars each, a few houses, cable, satelite and Netflix and Hulu and Disney plus, and Rolexes. Then what? Most of this produces little future sustainable economic growth. But mgmts will take the profits and invest in new products.

    We never really addressed tge real issues. Education especially in poorer areas, addiction, crime, etc. we need to invest in productivity enhancing areas. but where are the workers going to come from?

    Printing money is not going to solve the problems or end well. The world needs to make some hard choices and start helping many to be able to be productive.

    But politicians of today are not capable of thinking about people but only think of themselves.

    This talk is a sign that it is not looking good. Sorry, but this is reality. More of the poor and middle class will be impaired each year until we deal with the messes we have created for decades by underinvesting in many of the people.

    • Printing (keystroking) money is what funds the economy. We still cling to the borrowing requirements of the gold standard mainly because the financial industry profits from it. The $23T “debt” is really just the funding of the economy. It is the “real” investment you are commenting about. That “debt” is never paid back because it is not like bank debt. Money spent into existence by the monetary sovereign is a surplus to the private sector. If you want to “pay back” that money, then you would have to remove it from the economy. Think about removing $23T from the private sector. Federal finances are not like household finances.

      Agree fully with the need to invest (currency create) in infrastructure, especially education and healthcare…an ignorant and sick populace is not very productive.

  3. Best Post in a long time H…..says it all and raises all the questions . Our imaginations can ponder for the answers next year…Thanks for all of it in 2019……

  4. MMT White Paper

  5. The need to fight climate change and deal with the effects of it that are already baked in will justify MMT. Ready or not, agree or not.

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