Susan Rice: Lindsey Graham Is A ‘Piece Of Sh**t’

"I said it. I said it, damnit. Finally."

Susan Rice, like the rest of us, has had it with Lindsey Graham, and just with the state of things in general.

“He’s been a piece of sh–t”, the former Obama national security adviser and UN Ambassador said, during an episode of “Pod Save the World”. “I said it. I said it, damnit. Finally. He’s a piece of sh–t”. She’s currently on tour promoting a new book.

Rice was prompted by Obama national security spokesman Tommy Vietor, who employed the same language to describe the South Carolina sycophant while discussing the Benghazi debacle.


Rice has been a vocal critic of Trump’s recent decision to green-light the Turkish offensive in Syria, where hundreds of America’s former Kurdish allies were killed during the cross-border incursion.

“The Kurds were the pointy end of the spear who fought ISIS on our behalf”, Rice told CNN earlier this month. “They bled and died because they believed in the partnership they had established with the United States, and we just threw them under the bus in 24 hours”.

She went on to call Trump’s decision “appalling” and “disgraceful”. She also deemed it “batshit crazy” on Stephen Colbert.

Incidentally, Graham shared those sentiments right up until late last week, when he appeared to soften his tone after Mike Pence struck a “deal” with Turkish autocrat Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

On Tuesday, Graham endorsed Trump’s characterization of the impeachment inquiry as a “lynching”.

In the same episode of “Pod Save the World”, Rice talked about the Fox News machine, and how it fosters hate and division in America.

“You always need fresh villains”, she said. “Now, on Fox, many years later they just need to say my name and it’s like people start twitching. It’s like an automatic trigger point”.


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