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Larry Kudlow, Joe Kernen Talk ‘Deep State’ Plots In Real Credit To CNBC’s Journalistic Standards

"I don't want to explain that".

"I don't want to explain that".
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4 comments on “Larry Kudlow, Joe Kernen Talk ‘Deep State’ Plots In Real Credit To CNBC’s Journalistic Standards

  1. vicissitude says:

    Impeachment Train rolling forward with great speed!

    “The president has already established that he’s done something wrong. He didn’t hand us the smoking gun, he handed us the bullet when he released the transcript,” said Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) “You cannot solicit any assistance from a foreign national or foreign government. That’s the law in the United States. He’s already violated that law.”

    “All the committees have made it very clear that they will treat a refusal to appear to comply with a lawfully-issued subpoena or to produce documents as evidence of obstruction of Congress, which in and of itself, can be a basis for impeachment of the president,” said Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.), “It is my hope at least that we will not engage in a months-long litigation.”

  2. mfn says:

    Was it me, or did Kudlow toss out a vaguely anti-Semitic swipe when he sneeringly referenced Ross-Sorkin’s NYC neighborhood (the Upper West Side). Hey, Larry, those are your peeps, too,

  3. gdhalpha says:

    If Joe Kernan keeps delivering this BS he should join Maria Bartiromo over at Fox.

    Maria was making so many ridiculous supply-side comments, and asking her CEO guests supply-side leading questions that they flatly contradicted and did not provide her the answers she wanted, she came off looking….ill-informed.

    Larry’s just a whore. (Sex-workers of the world, forgive me)

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