Elizabeth Warren Will Defeat Environmental Injustice – Here’s How

By Elizabeth Warren In 1987, the United Church of Christ’s Commission on Racial Justice commissioned one of the first studies on hazardous waste in communities of color. A few years later – 28 years ago this month – delegates to the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit adopted 17 principles of environmental justice. But in the years since, the federal government has largely failed to live up to the vision these trailblazing leaders outlined, and to its respon

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4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Will Defeat Environmental Injustice – Here’s How

  1. I am not an armchair environmentalist or an activist, call me a green worker working in a science based field. I have an appetite for meeting the intent of environmental regulations, and providing measurable improvements.

    Holy crap the speech is a lot to digest. This is a shotgun approach that reeks of piling a lot of happy feel good crapola into the regs. Protecting the environment is a real scientific endeavor and race has no place in the regulations. We already have too many lobbies that have successfully made many elements of environmental regulations non scientific. Both right leaning industrial advocates and even dyed in the wool fear mongering republican environmental consultants thrive on this kind of shit; they pull down the cashola big time they love the confusing environmental burden placed on joe six pack small business all the way up the ladder to the corporate world guy, and the left leaning bureaucracy advocates who are not afraid to dilute solutions to problems by over regulating.

    The Obama water rule needs to be overhauled and provide regulation based on the meritss. That crap will not pass legal muster even though it does have some good things in it.

    Well I burned my lunch break.

    Bottom line this would be good for me job security, and it may help the environment; but damn it is bloated diffuse and the intent is clearly bureaucracy first above environmental solutions. That is a problem for serious people.

  2. I have to say that this is the most impressive position paper I’ve seen from any candidate so far this cycle. Certainly better than anything I’ve heard from Sanders or anyone in 2016, on either side. Warren and her staff are nothing if not thorough. She does seem a bit guilty of piling on. Be that as it may, I have two thoughts. First, sadly it is just too late. What we have done to Mother Earth and her people in our time here is damage that can’t be fixed in the time of man on earth. Fortunately, for Mother we will be gone fairly soon (not to Mars, either) and another species will be tasked to sheperd the renewal. Second, based on the meager progress we have made in the past century to get even as far as we have, and looking at the politics of greed, the culture of entitlement and the general lack of cooperation worldwide, there is no way that with an army at my back I could see any of this passed by legislators at any level of government, local, state, or national, let alone international. Remember how hard it was for no less a force as Gandhi to just get a fair portion of salt for his people. Two billion people have no regular supply of potable water, much less sufficient “clean” food. We are so far away from green and so wrapped up ourselves as individuals, this is just a hopeless cause. I’m glad I’m 75.

  3. There are good people who want to do, and are doing good work against pollution. The opportunities to do good work on behalf of Mother Earth are limited and successes are usually based on relationships more much more so than on regulations.

    We are fractured. We cannot even get some of the people who own property, love the outdoors, hunting, fishing etc… to accept man’s role in climate change.

    That is not for a lack of regulations.

  4. Wow. Regardless of whether you agree with her views or not, wouldn’t it be nice to have a POTUS who actually does their homework and pays this much attention to detail when it comes to making executive decisions on key issues? Trumpty Dumpty wouldn’t be capable of reaching this kind of level if he devoted his entire life to even a solitary issue.

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