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Elizabeth Warren: Almost Nobody Trusts Our Government, But I Can Fix It

"Make no mistake about it: The Trump Administration is the most corrupt administration of our lifetimes".

"Make no mistake about it: The Trump Administration is the most corrupt administration of our lifetimes".
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6 comments on “Elizabeth Warren: Almost Nobody Trusts Our Government, But I Can Fix It

  1. MC says:

    So many good ideas but do you think she could actually get it done, H? Seems like a yuge task!

  2. A task not unlike Mao’s campaign against the flies in China!

  3. I think she’ll need the help of both houses of congress so Democrats will need to be in charge and THEY will have to have the best interests of the people in mind.

  4. Endlessly_blabbing says:

    If Warren would just stick to that message and then not be a symbol for bleeding heart liberals she might actually win, but what’s going to hold her back is waving the flag of anything liberal is a good thing for Democrats. Warren has always had great points with economic issues and inequality, but taken too far, too extreme, we just get divisive polarization and then fragmentation, where extreme agendas become stupid. Although I assumed myself to be totally against fracking, I was shocked to see her exclaim that she would ban it her first day in office — which started me second guessing myself and wondering if I really support that type of extreme Fed policy, because it does seem to be a matter left to states and counties — FYI, I wouldn’t live anywhere near it, but if idiots in Texas want polluted water, that’s their problem and they can have all the fracking they want. In that light, there are ugly industries and ugly topics, but the Democrats are hell-bent on shooting themselves in the feet in efforts to control liberal stuff. FYI, I’m an independent and among the 90 million eligible voters who said no to both trump and hillary — and I’m more than happy to vote for anyone other than trump next year … but, I’d be happier to see someone drift to a more centrist position, more balanced and not just an opposite of trump, but someone that is sort of average, like a Harry Truman, i.e., someone honest that gets the job done. I don’t see that person anywhere and I don’t trust government and have doubts about Warren.

  5. Mr. Lucky says:

    I believe it was Tip O’Neill that said: “All politics is local.” (Truman knew that too, btw.) The problem with the corruption we have now is that it’s even worse at the state and local levels. The federal government can’t do anything to stop that. Warren might win and even bring the Congress with her but even four terms would be enough to clear up the rot we’ve got right now. The people don’t really care. Give ’em a gun and send them out to stop those LGBT types from using the wrong john and send all the immigrants packing and they’re happy no matter what the bosses do. Oh, wait, we’re all immigrants of one kind or another. My granddad, I’m told, was an illegal alien who walked into the US from Canada, back in the 20s when such folks were still welcome to help build our growing country and no one really cared where they came from. He opened restaurants to feed mill workers and used the profit to build tenements to house them but with all that he never really had enough time to learn much English. Oh well, it used to work.

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