Six In 10 Americans Say A Recession Is Likely Within The Next Year

Late last month, Donald Trump got bad news from a new Quinnipiac poll, which found that 37% of Americans say the economy is getting worse, versus just 31% who say it’s improving. It was the first time since the election that more Americans believe the economy is getting worse than getting better. The same poll produced another dubious "first" for the president. For the first time since November 2016, Americans think Trump’s policies are doing more harm than good to the US economy. Read mo

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4 thoughts on “Six In 10 Americans Say A Recession Is Likely Within The Next Year

  1. Have you even met one person that supports Trump now that didn’t vote for him? He may have only turned a few supporters off, but he hasn’t gained a single one. I don’t see how he can possibly win, even without a recession.

    1. Reader Breeze: I know several individuals who have changed their opinions of trump in both directions. Some of my mid-western (somewhat) liberal family members are now overlooking trump’s outrageous character flaws and grudgingly agree on issues such as fair trade with China, sympathize with his desire to limit illegal immigration, and are thankful that his nationalism translates into no new wars.

      Other intractable conservatives fault him for his compromise with N. Korea, suspect a sell-out to China for re-election, and consider him just another turncoat “globalist”.

      Humans are human. If the economy is fairly good at election time, trump will probably be re-elected.

  2. With all rhetoric aside, can the economy do well with rates as low as they are now and then, as rates slide further downward, how can that send a message of Great future growth (or hope)?

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