Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar: America Cannot Fall To Right-Wing Nationalism

"Today, democracy is under attack once again. It’s time to respond with the kind of conviction that has made America great before".

"Today, democracy is under attack once again. It’s time to respond with the kind of conviction that has made America great before".
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19 comments on “Ilhan Omar: America Cannot Fall To Right-Wing Nationalism

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not to suggest that “daily signal” is necessarily more trustworthy than Fox, but FWIW:

    While it is a long stretch to accept all of this at face value, her score on honesty-integrity is much below perfect. Similar offense from Trump would be considered a cause for impeachment by many, herself included.

    “Omar was fined by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board for using campaign funds to pay for an accountant to amend her taxes after she filed taxes jointly with Hirsi while she was not married to him (filing joint taxes with a non-spouse is not permitted) and while she was actually married to another man.”

    This fact is corroborated by multiple sources so it seems true, thus the article is not entirely garbage. Who knows, maybe perjury charge also has merits.

    Nor should America fall to left-wing agenda of the “squad”.

    • Are you serious with that? The Daily Signal? Judicial Watch? The Daily Caller? Tom Fitton? Do you have any idea who you are citing there? Clearly you don’t. You should do a little research before you embarrass yourself next time. All of those sites and people are absolute, stone, cold jokes. Citing sources like that will get you banned here. We don’t do propaganda, and that network of people/sites you’re citing are notorious for providing fodder to, among others, Breitbart and Russia Today. I don’t think you know that, so we’ll let it slide, but please, educate yourself.

      • Just to give you a small taste of what I’m talking about, Judicial Watch has also claimed (among hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of other things), that ISIS has training camps in Mexico.

        • This speaks to the sad state of affairs in America right now. People cannot separate blatant, known propaganda from truth, despite all the information you would ever need to determine that being but a few clicks away. It’s destroying the country and brainwashing undereducated and uneducated voters who don’t know any better. If someone smart enough to find their way to my site is susceptible to the Daily Signal and Fitton and Judicial Watch, just imagine how vulnerable people in middle America who don’t even know what a stock or a bond is are.

          • Anonymous says:

            I very clearly prefaced my first comment with the caveat that I don’t take this for granted. I don’t know what truth is but this woman is dishonest so I don’t feel like I have to believe that she’s necessarily innocent. She does have have the benefit of doubt, of course.

          • Dana Newman says:

            Well, uh… What I heard was that Obama’s private army of jack-booted thugs was gonna kick down my door, rape my wife and my daughters, take my gold and my guns and whisk me away in a black helicopter to work as a slave forever in a FEMA camp. So I buried my guns in a box and my gold in a coffee can the day Obama was elected, but eight years later — when Trump was elected, I went to dig up my gold and my guns, but after eight years I had forgotten where they were, and now I ain’t go no gold and ain’t no guns, either.

        • Anonymous says:

          OK, tx, I am making mental note about Judicial Watch.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am aware of Daily Signal/Caller caller affiliations. That doesn’t mean that they are lying all the time, does it? Besides, the fact of Omar’s campaign finance violation checks out. Oddly, I don’t see most of left-leaning media reporting on this, with the favorable (and surprising) exception of CNN. If Daily Signal reported it and WaPo didn’t then it’s OK to read it in Daily Signal, no? What about apnews? That’s an honest question, I really don’t know their rep. They report the same allegations. Is that ok by you? Can we talk about it now?

        • yes, it does mean they are lying or at the very least spreading innuendo and propaganda all the time. how do you not know this? i hate to be the one to break this to you, but most of what you read/hear/see from conservative media outlets is not based in reality, let alone in facts. that AP article you cite has Ilhan calling all of that “disgusting lies”, but I guess the more relevant question here is this: How are you not well-versed in all of this? I mean, you’re talking about that campaign violation crap and the absurd “she married her brother” thing as though you’re just finding out about it. i don’t want to be derisive if you’re just getting to know all of this stuff, but this is not new. conservatives have been pushing both of those stories/lies/narratives for quite a while and she has addressed them on innumerable occasions. plus, you’re getting caught up in the echo chamber, check what AP says about who funded that “stopIlhan” campaign. check the sources for the Daily Signal (they are citing Judicial Watch). look who funds the Daily Signal. Look who funds the Daily Caller. and Judicial Watch is Tom Fitton. What I’m trying to tell you here is that as uncomfortable as this is for people who are gullible to come to terms with, you are being duped and played for a fool. all of this right-wing propaganda is a circular, self-referential loop, where they plant a story, and then recycle it amongst each other until a wire finally is forced to pick it up. you can see the same dynamic operating with right-wing blogs and Breitbart and RT and Sputnik. It’s all nothing but a giant spin machine. none of it is real. it’s no different than the Obama birth certificate story.

          • Anonymous says:

            How are you not well-versed in all of this?

            My family likes to say that I live under a rock. That’s not entirely incorrect. I don’t have the need to follow all this stuff when it comes out, or ever. Sometimes I do crawl out and get hit by a random piece of (mis)information. Whether the “mis” bit applies can’t always be objectively determined at the time of reading. You can keep your convictions, I’ll keep my mind open. Not sure why you refer to campaign violation episode as crap . CNN reported on it so it must be true.

            Again, I’m very skeptical about all this but she has cheated once so she’s not above suspicion.

  2. glider says:

    Love Heisenberg for his principles and objectivity. No where else does on find such integrity on a website focused on financial information. I am amazed!

    • well, trust me, honesty and integrity aren’t exactly click-magnets, but as regulars know, i’m not in it for the click bait. as i wrote in our updated “About” page, i just want people to i) come away knowing something they didn’t know before, and ii) confident that whatever I say, I damn sure believe it to be true, even if you think I’m wrong. if you come away with those two things, it was worth your time to visit the site. the problem with some of the sites i’m often compared to is that, in my estimation, they do not necessarily believe what they are saying to readers. rather, they say what gets clicks even if they know it’s probably not true, both in politics and in finance. i say what i think is true. and what’s interesting is that, far from what people are often led to believe, the truth about markets is not always bearish. similarly, the truth about politics is not always that there’s a conspiracy buried somewhere or that the people who seem genuine and good (like Ilhan) are actually nefarious. in fact, as boring as this may sound, the truth is that markets usually go up and that the reason most news outlets have a liberal “bias”, is because the liberal point of view is usually the sane, accurate point of view. boring, I know, but it’s the truth

  3. I expect a few conservatives to end up at such an insightful financial site as this.

    But how exactly does someone like anonymous end up posting comments here?

    • Anonymous says:

      Disliking Omar et al doesn’t make me conservative, only normal.

      • you’re right – it is “normal” for Americans to be irritated that a Muslim woman of color who where’s a hijab is in Congress. but you know what? you’re going to have to deal with it. Americans need to get over their biases and come around to reality, which is that xenophobia and bigotry and nationalism and misplaced jingoism have no place in modernity. period. and if you’re going to roll out the “she’s a socialist” excuse, you’re reminded that most of what you hear in terms of how purportedly “bad” socialism is is also propaganda and lies, force-fed to you by conservative media outlets. how much do you actually know about socialism? and no, referencing Venezuela doesn’t count. that’s one of the most absurd strawmen in economic history. the simple fact of the matter is that capitalism doesn’t work for the vast majority of Americans, which is why 3 people control more wealth than the bottom half of society. you seem predisposed to falling for economic and social agitprop, and I would encourage you to make every effort to avoid falling into that trap, because, again, most of what you hear from conservative media outlets is either misinformation or, worse, outright lies.

        • Anonymous says:

          I couldn’t care less about her color, religion or how she dresses. I care about her socialist tendencies and her being against Israel, probably a thinly-veiled anti-Semite as well.

          As I already told you recently

          I grew up in a socialist country so you are in no position to teach me about how good socialism is. In fact, I could teach you a lot if you were willing to listen but I kind of doubt it. You think you know it all, don’t you?

          I already explained to you in the same thread why your “capitalism doesn’t work” argument doesn’t work: it doesn’t matter how wealthy the wealthiest are, it only matters what you can afford.

        • Anonymous says:

          Speaking of conservative lies, how about this:

          “Rep. Omar ordered to reimburse campaign committee after state board finds spending violations”

          Is she a cheater or is she an honest woman?

          • you’re concerned about a $3,500 dispute on travel expenses? Give me a break. you’re being disingenuous and I think you realize it. Also, your anti-Semitism charges leveled against Omar have no merit. did you even read the actual report on Omar’s campaign “violations”? because I did and if you had (or, really, if you’d even read the CNN article you link to), you would discover that you are being overtly silly. why are you doing to this to yourself?

            you are obviously determined to believe that Ilhan Omar is a nefarious personality and, lacking any actual evidence to back up that contention, you first resorted to notorious right-wing propaganda. when i pointed out how wildly ridiculous your initial sources were, you went back and found the dispute over $3,500 in travel expenses and seemed to think that because it’s news to you, it must be something that’s news to everyone else. however, if you trace that issue, what you’ll discover is that conservatives have been chasing that $3,500 for a long time, just like they’ve been trying to prove that Ilhan married her brother for years. you are trafficking in silliness. Donald Trump paid $120,000 to a porn star in violation of campaign finance rules. And you’re badgering Ilhan Omar over $3,500 even though, had you even taken the time to read the CNN article, you would find this:

            “In one instance, the report states that in 2017, the committee paid roughly $600 for airfare for Omar to “attend a meeting for the People for the American Way’s America’s Cabinet in New York.” The report determined that “while Rep. Omar would not have been asked to participate in the America’s Cabinet had she not been elected to the Minnesota House, she did not attend this event to assist her in her performance of her duties as a legislator

            I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a “witch hunt” to me, pardon the joke. it also sounded like a witch hunt to Ilhan and to a whole lot of other people, something you apparently aren’t apprised of because, as you’ve demonstrated here time and again, you aren’t necessarily someone who keeps yourself up to date on this stuff on a daily basis (you said as much yourself). I admire your efforts to get yourself up to speed, but you clearly have a problem differentiating fact from fiction, serious charges from $3,500 travel expense disputes, and real sources from Judicial Watch and the Daily Signal, with that latter confusion being clear evidence that you are vulnerable to being manipulated.

            i’m not going to respond to you any further because i’ve done the best i can for you, and at the very least, i hope you’ll at least be more careful in the future about what you read and hear.

  4. A reflection of the education system in America?

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