The Nominee

The Nominee

Late Thursday evening, the official Twitter account of Google Trends delivered an update on the trop trending candidates during night number two of the first Democratic presidential debates. After reporting some statistics, Google replied to itself. "@KamalaHarris is actually the top trending topic in search on all of Google in the US right now", the reply read. That was the kind of night Kamala Harris had. Harris, thanks in no small part to an extremely risky gamble, delivered a masterclass,
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15 thoughts on “The Nominee

    1. Need you be reminded of what good it did for Hillary Clinton to eviscerate Trump in three successive debates?
      We live in a world of mass marketed products, and one of achieving maximum sales based on the most effective messaging and marketing of said products. Likewise, politicians now receive the most votes based on who has the most effective mass marketing techniques. Sorry, but thats the world we live in, so get used to it.

      1. The debates don’t really move the needle in the general. Most people who watch them already have their mind set


        apropos of nothing, I wish Harris had used ‘bused’ instead of ‘bussed’. While not wrong, the latter usage invokes ‘kissed’ more than ‘driven in a yellow-orange truck’

  1. “Waylaid, and seemingly on the verge of tears, Biden tried to fight back.” That is a mischaracterization of Joe Biden’s demeanor. If anyone was near tears it was Kamala Harris. She had a pronounced quiver in her voice that I thought was very contrived. I suppose her implication was that if push came to shove, Joe Biden wouldn’t fight for the underdog. Really?! The ADD public needs the action flick version of the debate. If you actually listened to the substance of all the responses it was clear, to me anyway, that Pete Buttigieg was the best communicator on the stage. The public, however, needs the firebrand to counter Trump the carnival barker. Es una pena.

    1. “That is a mischaracterization of Joe Biden’s demeanor.” Right. Just like Biden says Kamala was “mischaracterizing” his track record, right? Right. Oh wait, no. She’s exactly correct.

      1. Also, suggesting that yours truly doesn’t “listen to the substance” of things is about like telling water it isn’t wet. I’m sure that’s occurred to you, because you’re not new here.

      2. Okay, I’ll admit that Biden never explained why it was so important for a city council to make a ruling on bussing rather than the department of education, but you are comparing that to a scene that played out right in front of the camera. I don’t see the analogy. Also, I don’t see how you describe Biden being “on the verge of tears”, and ignore the obvious quiver in her voice. That’s a definite spin by you in her favor as far as I’m concerned. No, Mayor Pete didn’t attack Biden and express personal outrage at having his civil liberties threatened, but I thought that he provided the most thoughtful input. Yet, Kamala Harris gets all the attention. I think she grandstanded. I think form triumphed over substance. I don’t think your article does anything to counter that, oh sagacious one.

        1. Mayor Pete has the same chance of winning the presidency as Donald Trump does of winning the national spelling bee. and if you watch the video of Pete attempting to pacify angry African American women, you come away thinking Pete might be a bit smug. Pete can’t beat Trump. period. Trump will give him some kind of horrible, homophobic nickname and mercilessly berate him on social media and in person and that will be the end of it. there is zero chance that Pete is going to start some kind of national wave that gets people whipped up into a frenzy. but Harris might, and that picture of her looking defiant as a little girl has the potential to become iconic. if reason, a command of the issues and smugness worked, Hillary be president, Russia or no Russia. point being, if Mayor Pete pulls off a miracle and gets the nomination, we might as well just go ahead and let Trump deliver another inaugural address, because he will trounce Pete in a horrible landslide.

          1. You’re arguing theater, and I don’t disagree with you on that score. I’ve always been very impressed with Buttigieg’s intellect, but thought that he probably wouldn’t ‘do it’ for the electorate. So we should get “whipped up into a frenzy” because Kamala Harris implied that Joe Biden almost denied her and possibly millions like her an education because he agreed to have the authority for bussing be entrusted in the City Council rather than the Department of Education? She said that he flat out opposed it. That seems to be a mischaracterization, but I guess that doesn’t matter. You would think that she was confronting someone with a record on civil rights akin to that of George Wallace. Yes, I know she said that she didn’t think that he was a racist, but the implication was that he acquiesced to those racists, and thus, wasn’t much better. That little girl had every reason to defy the likes of a George Wallace, not Joe Biden. To say that all we need is that picture of defiance, and we’ll just fabricate whatever context we need for it to ‘get out the vote’ is a fairly sad commentary on the electorate. But, then again, the country elected a narcissistic nut job nincompoop,liar, hypocrite, and coward to the highest office in the land. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. I don’t know, if Kamala Harris doesn’t work out, maybe we can get “The Rock” to run against the next Donald Trump. It shouldn’t be too difficult for him to match wits with the witless. He can get up on the stage all oiled up and pumped. He just might make us all feel like superheroes. The “Fast and Furious” public should eat it up.

          2. “we’ll just fabricate whatever context we need for it to ‘get out the vote’ is a fairly sad commentary on the electorate. But, then again, the country elected a narcissistic nut job nincompoop,liar, hypocrite, and coward to the highest office in the land.”

            bingo. that’s the point, right there. when countries go down the strongman route, it usually takes another strongman/woman or another demagogue to get rid of the last guy. at least in America’s case it is 100% obvious that any alternative (Democrat or Republican) is better than the current situation.

          3. Back in May Chris Wallace asked Buttigieg how he would handle Trump’s insults. His response was, after a noticeable pause, “I just don’t care”. I wanted something better. My response would have been this: “President Trump is a man who appears to be incapable of engaging in any reasoned discourse whatsoever. At virtually every opportunity he precipitates a verbal food fight. He is the Animal House President. He’s like Blutarsky. (Then looking straight into the camera say) And fat, rude , and stupid is no way to go through life old man”.

    2. Not sure her quiver was contrived, I am sure it was not inspiring. The “put food on the table” comment sounded a whole lot like something Hillary would say, less the nurse ratchet tone. The democrat field is looking kind of weak, I know it is early and they have time, they better earn merit. I want to defeat Trump.

      More logos and ethos, less pathos. Trump will mock the pathos right into the ground.

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