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Data Doldrums And The Futility Of Financial ‘Journalism’

On rare occasions, I'll extricate myself from my desk chair...

On rare occasions, I'll extricate myself from my desk chair...
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7 comments on “Data Doldrums And The Futility Of Financial ‘Journalism’

  1. Just keep doing what you do.

  2. Dana says:

    I don’t Givenchy a damn.

  3. George says:

    Somehow there has to be a way to say what I think you are saying in a simple way.. I guess I will try……(a challenge)…
    I liken this data parsing to manually turning a heavy wheel on it’s axis.. There are tight spots we heat and grinder spots we oil and other tight spots we ignore or just ‘bulldog ‘ through. Making a long story short, the wheel turns easier but only for a while and in reality not at all. So most data we get is irrelevant in a sense because it is merely a reaction to someone spinning or hyping or misrepresenting or kicking a can one more yard or two down the same old road going nowhere. There is no true momentum only choppy little reactions to non actions.. That my friends is why a lot of smart people got whip sawed around the last few years and no true conviction or consensus prevails.
    All that prevails is in fact known as self interest.. It is fun playing this game and that is why we all do just that…

  4. ken says:

    It is hard to find meaningful analysis such as yours on seeking alpha even. even if it makes for depressing reading.

    • This person is one who once was clueless as well, not because I wanted to be but because ” I didn’t know what I didn’t know. ” I love sarcasm, I love to learn and I like learning about how the financial world works, and I do mean WORLD. Plus I was a sociology major and at the end of the day it’s all about people and how they behave or misbehave….

  5. Billy Oxygen says:

    If I were to engage there would be interest in the Canadian state of affairs up until it became burdensome for you to answer all of the whys. Once there I might want to pivot to the Geology of the Tx Panhandle or the Muscle Speakers of the early 80’s the models that provide at least
    hi mid fi sound quality, obviously. Those topics usually holds interest at least the mention of upgrading old electrolytic capacitors, or after the discussion of the impact of the Younger Dryas. It is hard to hold interest with circuitry or after mega-fauna likee Dire Wolves, the Short Face Bear, the Sabre Tooth Lion and the Giant Bison have mosied out of the landscape. Perhaps I would walk away having met a fellow boulder in the seawall, or some type of similar edification the brave occasionally find.

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