Bottoms Up? Goldman Sees ‘Green Shoots’

Bottoms Up? Goldman Sees ‘Green Shoots’

Good news. The global economy may be "bottoming". Or so says Goldman's Jan Hatzius in a note dated Tuesday. The "synchronous global slowdown" story had dogged markets for the better part of six months now, even as the policy response to that narrative helped catalyze the best start to a year for equities since 1987. The idea of a global slowdown marks a stark contrast to the "synchronous global growth" narrative that served as one of two pillars which supported the low vol. regime in 2017 (th
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One thought on “Bottoms Up? Goldman Sees ‘Green Shoots’

  1. ‘Green Shoots’??? WTF? Where did they write that? In a Chinese restaurant? The entire world economy is going to hell in a handcart and they think it’s magically just ‘bottomed’? That supertanker can stop dead and turn on a dime? Fuck me. Bonuses all round chaps.

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