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‘Less Than 50-50’: Local Septuagenarian Says Odds Are Against Him Staying Sane For Much Longer

"Personally, I think"...

"Personally, I think"...
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15 comments on “‘Less Than 50-50’: Local Septuagenarian Says Odds Are Against Him Staying Sane For Much Longer

  1. Worst. President. Ever.

    • Harvey Darrow Cotton

      There is still James Buchanan.

      • Who would be a welcome improvement.

        • Even the dead mummified version of him.

          • monkfelonious

            C’mon fellow travelers, according to some the Orange Snow Cone is 2nd only to Abe himself! Besides, two years is not nearly enough time to get your game together (see Michael Jordan 1988-1990) and it’s just nothing but timing. All will be better when he finally passes that hairball that’s clogging his brain, or, is that his intestines?

    • =b (ASCII thumb…)

  2. SAD! After the Commerce Secretary’s fiasco on the shutdown last week, it’s clear there are no ‘Adults’ left in the White House.

  3. The next incredulous point of concern…We are negotiating with the Taliban for peace in Afghanistan?? At what point did the Taliban ever get to the point where we could believe one word they say?? Are we just turning the country over to them to rape and pillage and murder everyone who isn’t a supporter?? Are all the Allied soldiers who have died over there to have died in vain?? Once out, if they go crazy in taking over the country, what’s the chance anyone will march in to teach them a lesson?? Nil. The next Caliphate??

  4. how many mexicans are on ‘the board’? afterall mexico is going to pay for the wall, djt said so!

  5. Who’d have thought I’d ever have anything in common with Ann Coulter, though for completely opposite reasons.


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