Markets natural gas oil Blows Up As Crude, Natural Gas Turmoil ‘Capsizes’ Clients

"The tough part is finding somebody that knows how to do it  - right."

"The tough part is finding somebody that knows how to do it  - right."
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7 comments on “ Blows Up As Crude, Natural Gas Turmoil ‘Capsizes’ Clients

  1. What was the catalyst for a NAT GAS spike?

    • There are theories that a bond whale(s), or PG&E were forced to unwind massive amounts of futures. Maybe the whale is just Goldman, par for the course…

      What’s becoming very worrisome to me is these volume black swans seem to becoming frighteningly more common. The vol spike in Feb, the FB disappoint, Yuan spike in October, the Gas spike, GE wipeout, the oil decline. All flavors of high sigma events. Even Macrotourist has a post about positioning for a treasury high sigma,,.

      Someone should call the suicide hotline for Mr. Cortier… he looks ready to buy $rope…

      • I don’t mention GS, the “Iron Bank” lightly. It’s also possible the 1MDB fiasco, which despite the FTs hagiographic reports, is just another day at GS, and the Malaysian Sov fund debacle is unwinding all sorts of positions to save the cartel on Wall Street… Kevin Muir’s vol bond hedge may come in handy as this under-covered shitshow unravels.

        Greece will be paying GS ~600 million eu until 2036! Nice bonus for all that misery. Malaysia may be the next sucker, it appears.

  2. Lance Manly

    I like the nautical aspect of the Joseph Hazelwood of the options market. Looks like he is headed to his cabin to finish off the Balvenie.

    • I miss Balvenie. But I can say from personal experience that the best thing for him to do right now is most assuredly NOT to hole up in the cabin and drink. lol

  3. I tried FC Stone for currency trading about a decade ago. They lost 99% of the money I put in within a year.

  4. I spoke with these lawyers who are apparently traders themselves and are leading the charge against OptionSellers and FC Stone:

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