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Occam’s Razor.

There is an alternative - it's cash.

There is an alternative - it's cash.
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6 comments on “Occam’s Razor.

  1. Charles Ponzi

    Totally agree. A treasury Direct account offers convenience and attractive returns. Buying 4 week bills every week has been very, very good to me for the past several months.

  2. Every day I learn something new. I didn’t know that in US it was possible for retailers to purchase bills directly from the Treasury.

    Or differently said there are not enough dollars in the world. And so its price rises relative to other asset classes. Less dollars for assets that instead keep increasing in quantity: bonds, stocks, EM currencies, €. So dollar rises vs those assets. Something had to give. This month the FED started sucking out 50 bn/month. And in January the ECB stops pumping in the system (not yet sucking out). This makes 85 bn $ less a month starting Jan2019. One trillion a year.

  3. When a large swath of folks came to the conclusion they could use their savings to lever up their investments with the unspoken guarantee of the federal reserve (who is not a government entity nor has it any reserves).

  4. Good piece but 99% of the time Occam’s razor is applied to human endeavours (markets, economics etc), the answers tend to be rubbish

  5. As a tactical trade based on concern about future fundamentals (cash flow) and valuations i can understand the thinking. But the after tax after inflation (real yield) looks unattractive on a long run basis (through a cycle or two). Even buying a 25x FCF stock with flat FCF which is unlikely would provide better returns. Now if you make the case that margins will decline and capital needs increase and/or revenue is challenged then I would agree more but that gets us back to fundamentals. Yields are a good excuse but i think it is more of an excuse/tepid explanation rather than a sustained driver. Ultimately it is the fundamentals that drive future CFs that determine returns and they tend to beat cash over a reasonable time horizon. Of course determining future CFs (fundamentals) is not easy but a diversified equity portfolio run by smart people will do well and beat cash over the next 10 years in my opinion but if the fundamentals change pay attention. Good luck and be smart.

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