Year Of The Moron: Making Sense Of 2017

Year Of The Moron: Making Sense Of 2017

Below, find a brand new commentary from Notes From Disgraceland’s Bjarne Knausgaard  who regular readers will recall pens some of the best political/economic color around.   The first link there is to his blog and the second is his Twitter, which you should follow. Madness is the purest, most total form of misunderstanding; it takes the false for true. Madness needs no external element to reach true resolution. It is merely to carry its illusion to the point of truth. (Michel Foucault)
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6 thoughts on “Year Of The Moron: Making Sense Of 2017

  1. Oh my God guys, wake up and smell the sulphur…

    I’m glad you are able to support each other with this sort of diatribe reinforcing your own self-perceived aura of intellectual superiority over the common man. You guys are so smart. I’m ashamed to even consider an alternative thought process to anything you folks promulgate.

    Be that as it may, we have passed through the denial phase, (Russian collusion), passed through the anger phase, (the resistance BS), and are now in the depression phase where you psychologically weak intellectuals need to rationalize the loss of this critically important election, and of course, there can in no way be any blame associated to the elites in charge of this process. (IE, the democratic party)

    No. Hillary Clinton with all of the warts and history associated with her and the way she managed the campaign she was supposed to win could not have been the reason Trump won. No, hell no.

    It has to be the inferior intellect of the conservative man, (or woman, don’t want to be considered a misogynist), who is to blame for this atrocity. You are well on your way to locking in the mid-term elections at this pace…

    So if you want to talk about the functioning of more complex social structures most often based on family metaphors, what we have here is the rebellion of the adolescent mind refusing parental instruction. Maturity and intellect are not synonymous. Grow up.

    I give this post less than 24 hrs before it is removed…

      1. yeah, I love this “I give this post less than 24 hrs before it is removed…”

        it’s like dude come on, I don’t give a shit what you say on here.

        if you want to publicly identify yourself with morons, then go ahead.

  2. Thanks for turning me on to Bjarne, H. He speaks truth. He obviously strikes fear into the hearts of morons, psychos and neo-nazi apologists who blither frantically, waiting for the axe to fall on them.

  3. WOW I just wrote a note to Durwood Dugger on another H column (Does The Truth Matter To You) and next stop was this column, along with my morning cuppacoffee. Rather than rewrite to synchronize with bigguy01 at the top, I am taking a lazy way and just paste it here:

    I see no reason and wonder how the hell it is possible for a mentally stable and educated person to see any quality in trump that is worthwhile. There must be a missing link.

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