When God Created Man, She Was Joking.

Below, find a brand new commentary from Notes From Disgracedland’s Bjarne Knausgaard  who regular readers will recall pens some of the best political/economic color around.   The first link there is to his blog and the second is his Twitter, which you should follow. *********************** When god created man, she was joking. The union between man and woman has to be one of the most disruptive developments in human history. A Stone Age equivalent of seduction was effectively an act of

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One thought on “When God Created Man, She Was Joking.

  1. “pow, zoom, to the moon, Alice!” Ralph Kramden, ”the honneymooners”

    It was a simpler time, and always ended “baby, you’re the greatest”

    At eight years old, i got the message. At 70, I’m having trouble with the pontificating.

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