Poof! The ‘Macron Bump’ Is Gone And As For Barron’s…

 "Nailed it"....

There’s no sugarcoating it – this was a bad week for European stocks.

Here’s the Euro Stoxx 50, the DAX, the CAC, and the FTSE:


Simply put: nothing was spared.

Let’s zoom in on the CAC 40 for a second, because this is notable. The three-day slide we got this week served to erase the entirety of the “Macron bump.”

As Bloomberg noted earlier this morning, “the CAC 40 had gained as much as 7.6% in few weeks following Macron’s victory [but] the index is now back to April 21 levels.” Have a look:


Oh, and as for that Barron’s subscription you’ve been forgetting to cancel for the past decade, time to call them up and discontinue…


 “Nailed it”….


1 comment on “Poof! The ‘Macron Bump’ Is Gone And As For Barron’s…

  1. His polls suck too now.

    French TOAST …… lol

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