Let’s Listen To Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Explain’ Why Scaramucci Had To Go

One of the hallmarks of this White House is that they have a really – really – hard time explaining to the media why it is they do the things they do.

And that makes sense, because everything they do is batshit crazy.

So it should come as no surprise that, in the wake of the rather unceremonious departure of “The Mooch” (after just 10 days on the job), Sarah Huckabee Sanders was at a loss to provide the answers America is now looking for.

Listen below as Sarah “explains” what happened:

Got it.

So basically, Spicer, Bannon, and Priebus were exactly right when they told Trump that making Scaramucci communications director was an absolutely horrible idea, and because there’s really no way to get around the fact that “The Mooch” had to be fired for his comically absurd phone call with Ryan Lizza, Sanders simply doesn’t “have much else to add.”

Here’s the “official” line from a three-sentence statement released by Sanders:

Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team.

Please do yourself a favor and try to appreciate how mind-boggling that is.

A “clean slate”? They just wiped the “slate” 10 days ago by getting rid of Spicer.

Then Scaramucci wiped the “slate” some more by pushing out Priebus.

Now, Kelly is wiping the “slate” of  Scaramucci.

One thing to note about this particular “slate”: it doesn’t matter how much wiping they do, it will never be “clean.”

Oh, how we long for the “good old days” – where that means “7 days ago”…


2 thoughts on “Let’s Listen To Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Explain’ Why Scaramucci Had To Go

  1. I am so disappointed! Scaramucci’s material was already coming out really good. It was fresh, original and you could see all of the yuge new plot possibilities his character could bring to the show.
    Too bad.
    So sad.

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