Photo Of The Week: Mike Pence Visits NASA

Mike Pence visited NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Thursday.

Predictably, he did something stupid.

The following picture, snapped as Pence examined a piece of “Critical Space Flight Hardware,” is perhaps the best visual summary yet of the state of American politics…


Now cue Twitter:


5 thoughts on “Photo Of The Week: Mike Pence Visits NASA

  1. The Best entertainment in America today far exceeds Dukakis in a helmet riding around in a tank: Republicans.

    The thing you have to understand, you must understand, was that this was Pence’s left handed version of laying on of hands.

    How does that feel America?

  2. Ah, proof of the trickle-down theory…the stupidity at the top of the Trump madministration has trickled down…just as sewage does.

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