The Algo Wars Are Real: Inside The Pentagon’s “Algorithmic-Warfare Team”

The Algo Wars Are Real: Inside The Pentagon’s “Algorithmic-Warfare Team”

Via Dustin Lewis, Naz Modirzadeh, Gabriella Blum for Lawfare In April 2017, the Pentagon created an “Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team,” pending a transfer of $70 million from Congress. The premise of this initiative is that maintaining a qualitative edge in war will increasingly require harnessing algorithmic systems that underpin artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This realization is not unique to the United States: while the Pentagon’s algorithmic-warfare
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3 thoughts on “The Algo Wars Are Real: Inside The Pentagon’s “Algorithmic-Warfare Team”

  1. And yet, relatively poorly funded groups such as ISIS, Al Queda and many others that seldom make the 10 minute news cycle – cause the vastly greater funded developed country governments, their militaries (both extremely aggressively and extra-legally “marketed” to by a self-serving MIC) to spend many orders of magnitude greater resources than these infinitely smaller terrorist groups and or the direct cost of their terrorist attacks.

    From a resource expenditure standpoint – these smaller groups will continue to “win” against developed nations tech programs – advanced AI algorithms or whatever – on an economic basis if nothing else. The most successful model to date in fighting terrorism has been just the opposite of high tech – that of the Israelis, which is comparatively low tech. A much less resource costly program and very direct in eliminating the terrorist themselves.

    In the end, neither the governments or terrorist will “win.” The circumstances of overpopulation and competition for critical finite resources will only increase until resources and population come into balance. Unfortunately, the necessary circumstances to bring this about will likely be universally far worse than the circumstances that cause the current conflicts.

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