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4 Charts Show The US Auto Bubble “Slamming On The Brakes”

A visual "downshift"...

Remember what we said bright and early on Wednesday morning about everyone piling on with regard to the “surprisingly” dismal US auto sales figures we got on Monday?

Here’s how we put it:

Well damn. It’s pile on time when it comes to dour analysis of the US auto market.

And that’s fine. After all, we have a little more “wiggle” room when it comes to speculating on the imminent demise of this or that market than do folks who are beholden to editorial oversight, lawyers, etc.

Ultimately, we’re happy to see the entire financial universe waking up to the fact that this (the US auto market) is one $1 trillion+ bubble that has definitively begun to burst. We would encourage those who might have missed the story to start with the following two posts and then work your way back:

Of course all of this is complicated and there are a whole lot of annoying words in those posts and the posts they link to. Fortunately, Bloomberg is out today with 4 simple charts that illustrate how the market has “slammed on the brakes.”

Via Bloomberg





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