WTF Chart Of The Day: Subprime Auto Edition

If you frequent these pages (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ve read a lot about subprime auto over the past month.

Here are some of the relevant posts:

Well for those interested in an idiot-proof assessment of just how endemic this problem is becoming, look no further than the following chart from Wells Fargo which shows that subprime auto debt as a percentage of GDP hasn’t been this high since at least 2009:


Just a few more quarters and we’ll be right back to pre-crisis levels.

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One thought on “WTF Chart Of The Day: Subprime Auto Edition

  1. If you don’t have the credit to buy a house, you can at least get a car. I think that we’re going to exceed the past bubble on these by a good distance. Unless we see Trump loosen up sub-prime home lending for us.

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