Heisenberg Challenge: To “Hedge” Or Not To “Hedge”

I’ve talked a lot about how stock/bond return correlations (more specifically, the assumption of a negative return correlation) are the basis for 60/40 portfolios and, ultimately, for strats like risk parity.

I’ve also talked a lot about how paying “2 and 20” to “rockstar” hedgies is¬†probably a decidedly poor idea.

Now here’s a Heisenberg challenge: combine the two concepts mentioned above and see if you can figure out why I find the¬†following set of charts to be particularly amusing…


(Charts: Goldman)

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One thought on “Heisenberg Challenge: To “Hedge” Or Not To “Hedge”

  1. Isn’t the idea of risk parity to spread out the stock (more risk) and the bond (less risk). In that case it looks as if it isn’t working. If I am wrong, please explain.

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