Goldman’s January NFP Preview

Goldman’s January NFP Preview

It was a busy week. The BoJ. The Fed. A blowout ADP report. The BoE. The Brexit white paper. Snapchat's S-1. An Iranian missile launch. Plenty of Trump. Lions. Tigers. Bears. Oh, my! And what better way to wrap things up than the NFP report. The economic data print par excellence. In a just a few short hours we'll find out how many jobs the BLS wants you to think the US added last month and needless to say, the number has all kinds of implications for yields, the dollar, and yes, for stocks.
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2 thoughts on “Goldman’s January NFP Preview

  1. Yeah funny enough the weather… Takes jobs from December and puts them in January, and January was nice enough it could have pulled in some of the spring jobs. A job pop and the Trumpluddites jump into the shark tank. At least that is what I am going with, if not it is going to be a sad weekend.

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