Tuesday Humor (Citi Cuts Goldman To Sell)

Tuesday Humor (Citi Cuts Goldman To Sell)

Gangs Banks of New York.


“Boy, that escalated quickly”…

One thought on “Tuesday Humor (Citi Cuts Goldman To Sell)

  1. ‘”….better opportunities to take risk, which GS will benefit from.”

    Yeah they will, and this barely eight years after Former GS chairman Hank Paulson held up the American taxpayer (Gimme the $780 Billion or, “god help us all.”) as Treasury Secretary.

    No handcuffed perp walkers in prime time and now, “better opportunities…”

    They’ve won. They being the TBTFs, CBs and Fed along with their special interest camp followers.

    Yet those cloistered inside the Wall St./Hollywood/Silicon Valley bubble worlds are genuinely shocked and dismayed at the “sudden” rise of Trumpism.

    Reminds one of Mexican president Porfirio Diaz’s late 1910 interview in which he confidently predicted that poor Mexicans would eventually do well, maybe even get a scrap of land on which to grub out a meager living.

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