Stunning Study Shows Black College Grads More Likely To Default On Student Debt Than White Dropouts – But Employers Definitely Aren’t Racist

But wait. It turns out there’s another caveat. A new study from Brookings details a rather alarming set of statistics derived from new data on student debt and repayment, released by the U.S. Department of Education in October 2017.


How You Livin’? Another Sad Chart On Millennials And Student Debt

Unless of course every Millennial becomes a Bitcoin millionaire, in which case I suppose all of this debt will be paid off within the next 12-24 months.

Who’s Going To Defuse The $1.3 Trillion Student Loan Bubble?

Whatever the case, we shouldn’t lose sight of these two trillion-dollar bubbles because, well, because they are trillion-dollar bubbles and generally speaking, trillion-dollar bubbles do not just go gentle into that good night. 

Online Lender Raises $500 Million, Says Maybe Your Date Cares More About Your Debt Than Your STD

It was just one week ago in “A $1.3 Trillion Quandary” that I (re)introduced you to SoFi, the marketplace lender that’s made a splash (or maybe “belly flop” is better) in the private student loan securitization market. SoFi went full retard in early 2016 when, amid prevailing concerns about an imminent turn of the credit cycle…

A $1.3 Trillion Quandary

If you’re looking for pockets of risk (and you should always be looking for pockets of risk as it’s a good way to both avoid losses and find good opportunities to profit from speculative excess and/or stupidity), one good place to dig around is in the growing pool of student debt. America’s student debt problem…