Geopolitics! Won At 4-Month Low, Lira Sinks, Trump Says ‘Very Severe’ Shit Is Goin’ Down

Well, the won is at four-month low against the dollar on Thursday because, well, because a mushroom cloud over Seoul isn’t an entirely far-fetched proposition. “The won is under pressure as it appears North Korea is getting closer and closer to its nuclear program and that is causing tension and apprehension in the Korean peninsula,”…


The ISIS Ideology: Something Borrowed, Something New

“…not one bore any substantive relevance to Islamic State ideology, suggesting a shallow ideological grounding at best.”

“Shit! I Think We Bit Off More Than We Can Chew”: Explaining Al Qaeda’s Decline

“This failure stands in contrast to the experience of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hizballah, which enjoy considerable local support. Both are integrated into the broader Palestinian and Lebanese Shi’a populations of their countries. Hamas is the de facto ruler of Gaza, and Hizballah is part of the Lebanese government. “

Terrorist “Troublemakers” Storm Overnight Session, Murder 12 In Iran Ahead Of “Super Thursday”

Well, it was a quiet overnight session right up until around 2 a.m. EST when Iran was targeted by simultaneous terror attacks. Gunmen entered Parliament in Tehran and the Imam Khomeini Shrine where one of the attackers detonated a suicide vest. ISIS would later claim responsibility via Amaq. At least 12 people were killed and…

As Trump Ponders 50,000 Troops In Syria, Here’s A Little Perspective On ISIS

Let’s just be clear about one thing: the idea that retaking Raqqa from Islamic State is some kind of monumental task that the US army and its regional allies in Riyadh and Doha couldn’t accomplish in short order if it were absolutely necessary is just silly. The same thing goes for the Russians and Iranians…