Ignore That Raging Dumpster Fire.

Just try not to focus on that, ok?


One Bank Reveals 7 Key Calls For The New Year

But for those interested in trying to “DO SOMETHING” (as opposed to just kicking back and being “actively” passive)…


It was back to work on Tuesday as investors, analysts, and pundits alike drug their tired asses back to the desk after the holiday break.

Of Secessionists And Populists: Across The Pond And Back Again

The stamina of the secessionists and the propitiation of the populists…

Requiem For 2017: The Year In Charts

Cheers to you in the new year…


Who’s long weed and palladium?

And To All A Good Night.

Don’t forget the eggnog.

‘More Misery’: Stocks Dive In Spain As Catalonia Persists In Fantasy It Is Independent State

Treasonous bastards are back.

Groundhog Day.



“Screwed you’re.”

Color Me Bigly.

Risk. On. Dammit.

Monday Brings Another Record Low Vol. Moment

What could go wrong? It’s not like there’s political turmoil across the pond and there’s no way the ECB taper could go awry, right?

The Clock Is Ticking: Full Week Ahead Preview

All in all, “no rest for the weary” if you’re a market observer/trader. 

The Rich Get Richer.

And that’s the week.


Nobody pull the wrong block.