Markets Shudder Across The Globe As Worst Case Scenario Materializes In Spain

Now it gets interesting.


The Situation Remains Fluid.

If you were looking for clarity on anything, today was most assuredly not your day.

Defiant Catalonia Delivers ‘Invalid’ Response To Spain, Escalating Tensions

It seems like Article 155 is next. As of now, it’s not entirely clear what all that would entail, but the bottom line is that this just moved one step further in the direction of becoming an actual crisis with spillover potential.

‘Good Luck Out There’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Oh, boy. Try to wrap your head around all of this.

Close Your Eyes And Buy.

Don’t worry about the orange man.


Come one, come all.

Spanish Government Responds To Heisenberg, Says ‘Kidnap’ Not Right Word To Use For Potential Puigdemont Arrest

They didn’t like that title. Specifically, a representative from the Spanish government called it “[a] misrepresentation and is false.”

Spain Says Will ‘Immediately’ Arrest Catalan President If He Declares Independence

“Spanish police are ready to arrest Catalan President Carles Puigdemont immediately if he declares independence in the regional parliament.”

Highway To The Danger Zone: Full Week Ahead Preview

Good luck.

These 2 Charts Show Overnight Shift In Market Sentiment On Spain

And it’s a good thing…

Geopolitical Rubber (Bullet) Hits The Road: Catalonia Shocks Market

Or is this just another bump in that familiar road to new highs for global equities? 

Trader: A Part Of Me Wants To ‘Sell Everything’

“On a purely emotional basis, I was torn between sell everything — hard to do in foreign exchange — and wondering anew whether news itself no longer has any meaning for investors.”

‘What’s The Worst That Can Happen’? Pandora’s Box And The ‘Balkanisation’ Of Spain

“If he loses support in parliament, there’s an outside chance that this could topple the government and create unexpected political risks.”

Hurricane Damage: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, well it’s Sunday which means, barring Trump wandering into a nuclear war in the next several hours, tomorrow will be Monday. This week they’ll be a lot of talk about…

‘A Fly In The Ointment’ But Nothing To Worry About, Apparently…

“We would characterize existing political risks as of the run-of-the-mill variety that investors always face and a far cry from the high-stakes political events of the past several quarters (events that markets navigated with aplomb.”