Bill Gross Thinks Maybe We’re All Murderous Psychos – Also Talks About Bonds

“The bond market’s current “beast” is not so much a killer but a hibernating bear awakening from an extended secular bullish trend of lower inflation and excessive central bank accommodation.”


Kitchen Sink.

Everything but…

Bill Gross Will Do 2 Things: Short High Yield And Talk About Himself In The Third Person

“What does Gross do?”

Bill Gross Has Some “Brainteasers” For You And Eventually He’ll Say Something About Markets

“Equity markets are priced for too much hope, high yield bond markets for too much growth, and all asset prices elevated to artificial levels that only a model driven, historically biased investor would believe could lead to returns resembling the past six years, or the decades predating Lehman.”

John Kerry Slams Trump’s Twitter Addiction, Warns On “Rise Of Authoritarian Populism”

“Every country in the world better start worrying about authoritarian populism and the absence of substance in our dialogue.”

Bill Gross Agrees: Trump Is A Lot Like Mussolini

Thanks Bill, for your tacit endorsement…