It’s All Overbought! Here, Look…

So is there anything that’s not overbought?

Well, yes.


Phew, That’s Over – Now Go Get Drunk.

Well, what can you say?

‘Can It Continue? Yes.’ Asian Stocks Push To Records As Hang Seng Dusts 30,000

Fade it? Not yet.

Can You Feel The Tension?

Nobody strike a match.

‘People Can Get Quite Complacent’: They’re Asleep In Asia Too, By The Way

“The market is not always rational.”

Asian Stocks Soar To 9-Year High: ‘The Bar Has Reopened And People Are Getting Drunk’

“It’s like the bar has reopened and people are coming back again for drinks,” BDO’s Jonathan Ravelas added. “There is no threat coming from inflation so the risk of another interest rate hike in the U.S. has diminished significantly.”