Apparel & Merchandise Policies


When you purchase apparel or other merchandise from our official online store, your payment is processed securely through PayPal, regardless of whether you use a debit card, credit card or your own PayPal account.

Processing & Shipping

When you place an order, you can expect the following correspondence:

  1. A receipt from PayPal for the payment
  2. A confirmation email directly from us confirming your order

You should check your spam folder for these emails. If you notice that one is labeled spam, you should mark it “not spam” to ensure you receive any subsequent emails both for your current order and any future orders you may make. Although all PayPal correspondence should be delivered promptly, some email clients may not handle our automated updates as expected. You can always request information on your order using the address provided below.

Orders are processed the same day you place them and usually ship via USPS Priority Mail within 24 hours, depending on the day of the week. Please allow for any delays that would normally be associated with holidays and/or weekends. Items ship from the United States. Therefore, if you reside outside of the US, you should expect longer shipping times.

Note: We do monitor each order. If necessary, we can check on individual orders at your request via their associated tracking number.


Generally speaking, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued unless your product is damaged or lost in transit.

All orders ship double-boxed and your item is sealed in a protective poly bag until you open it. In the extremely unlikely event you receive merchandise which you believe to be damaged, you should submit two pictures of the damage to us at the email address given below.

You should be sure that you provide an accurate address. If you provide an address that is considered insufficient by the courier (e.g., if you provide the wrong address), the shipment will be returned to the manufacturer address. You will be liable for reshipment costs once we have confirmed an updated address with you.

If you believe a package has been lost in transit, you should notify us, but only if you truly believe there has been a shipping error. As noted above, we can always check the tracking number for details on any item shipped.

We do not refund orders for any other reason. The visuals you see on the product pages are 100% accurate. That is: They are pictures of the actual product you will receive. They are not mockups. What you see is what will be shipped to you. Each item is personally checked and each piece is hand-numbered.

Additionally, we cannot and will not refund orders in the event you select the “wrong” size for yourself. There is nothing “unique” about our sizing. Whatever size you normally wear, that’s the size you should generally order. Do not assume that our sizes “run large” or “run small.” If you wear a large, you should not order a medium. Conversely, if you wear a medium, you should not order an extra large. Quantities are limited, which means certain sizes will sell out, so exchanges are not possible.

Obviously, if you receive a different size than the size you ordered, we will process a return, but that is extremely unlikely. In the event you select one size and receive a different size, you can simply send photo evidence (in this case, a single photo of the inside tag will suffice), which we will then check against your order, and begin the reshipment process.

You should contact us, and only us, if you have an issue with a product shipment. You should not attempt to ship items back to the return address on your package. It is set by default to a manufacturer address. Generally speaking, we would receive an automated email notification in the event a customer returns an item to that address, but that could lead to material delays in processing.

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