Dangerously Narrow

I'm tired of editorializing around mega-cap "tech" dominance and extreme market concentration. Honest to God I'm exhausted with it. Everybody gets it. It's a dangerously narrow rally. If that sort of thing makes you nervous, maybe you need some protection to sleep better. Downside's rarely been cheaper. Avail yourself if it'll make you more comfortable. The build-up to Nvidia's report on Wednesday afternoon in the US was nothing short of absurd. Speaking of dangerously narrow, just imagine how

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3 thoughts on “Dangerously Narrow

  1. “… At 2:15, it placed a market order for the entire float of ARKK. By 4pm, Skynet was ‘rekt’ and it pulled its own plug, though not before earning over 100,000 karma on r/wallstreetbets. “

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