At Least One Famous Billionaire Is Bullish

For what it's worth -- which is either nothing at all or quite a lot, depending on your penchant for name brand worship -- at least one famous billionaire is bullish on equities for the rest of the year. I tend to think the billionaire investor class, many of whom make quarterly or even monthly cameos on CNBC's daytime programming, are inclined to feign bearishness for the sake of it. This is purely anecdotal, but it sometimes feels like the Jeff Gundlachs and Stan Druckenmillers of the world

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One thought on “At Least One Famous Billionaire Is Bullish

  1. I assume he looks at everything – the 60 year cycle (1963) so far was for me the “leading” indicator. Up for the whole year,
    next directional test first week in June for a short-term peak, that low swing ends late July and then up – we will see. Nobody knows 🙂

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