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Subscription Terms

By subscribing below, you certify that you understand all subscription plans are on a recurring payment system. You certify that you understand that your card will be billed $9 per month, or $40 every six months, or $80 per year, depending on the plan you choose. Those payments will recur on the same day of each month, or on your semi-annual or annual renewal date, which is simply the same day you subscribed, six months or 12 months later. This will be the case until you cancel your subscription. 

You also certify that you understand how to cancel your subscription should you ever want to do so. Specifically, you certify that you understand that canceling is as simple as going to your premium subscriber profile page, clicking “Payment Info,” then clicking “Cancel.” You will be asked to confirm. If you do, your subscription will be canceled, your access will expire at the end of the current billing period and your billing will cease.

Important note for annual and semi-annual subscribers: We do not give partial refunds. If you subscribe for an annual or semi-annual subscription, the charge is final and no portion of that charge will be refunded if you cancel at any time over the course of the subscription period. By subscribing for an annual or semi-annual plan, you certify that you understand and accept that policy.

Our subscription frequently asked questions page is located here.

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