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Here’s How Bad The Real News Has Been For Trump In Just The Past 18 Hours

Every one of those stories is disastrous for Trump. The first one suggests he’s still actively obstructing justice, the second one suggests one of the people involved in that ongoing obstruction is now a person of interest in a probe by the people who are the target of the obstruction, and the third one seems to portend another government shutdown, this time closer to the debt limit.


Let’s Talk About Impeachment …

“Ernest Hemingway advised authors to write one true sentence. Among the truest words describing the Trump presidency were written by Professor Laurence Tribe of the Harvard Law School, in an op-ed in The Washington Post discussing impeachment and obstruction of justice. He wrote that ‘in Nixon’s case, the list of actions that together were deemed to constitute impeachable obstruction reads like a forecast of what Trump would do decades later.'”