• Don’t seem to be able to comment on your Reports.

    Twice now, I have been kicked off the e-mail list and have had to reset.

    Otherwise…..simply enjoying your thoughts.

  • Michael Douglas posted an update 2 years ago

    With all the Reports I get from you in my inbox…..I would be amazed if you actually have time to read this shit.
    Have been enjoying your takes on the Market and mostly your political observations. LMAO when reading your stuff…..unless I am trembling in fear and selling everything. Have only done that twice in the last couple few…[Read more]

    • thanks. the laughter is important. i try really hard to actually write stuff that’s some semblance of entertaining, because the thing about life is, if you take yourself too seriously, it’s a sure sign that no one else should.

      i walk a weird line. I’m arrogant, but I also know not to take myself seriously at all.

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